On Campus

Emergency Phone – answered 24/7 – (347) 874-8637
Medical Emergency – (229) 508-9685

Please review carefully below, and find Ashley during dinner (by the swipe in area) to make any or in the Reckord Armory with questions or requested adjustments.  

Lost & Found 

Please return anything you found, and search for anything you lost in our Lost & Found box, which will be in the Dining Hall during dinner and the Armory during Closing Worship.  

Departure Details 

The Airport Shuttle goes to DCA-Reagan International Airport and only DCA-Reagan International Airport. All groups heading into DC for various adventures will be dropped off at DCA-Reagan International Airport.  

Departure Shuttle Times 

Airport shuttles will depart from the same place as our drop-off shuttles at the beginning of EYE: Annapolis Hall for South Hill Dorms or Lot Q (which is below the Yahentamitsi Dining Hall) for Johnson Whittle.  

The shuttle times listed are when the bus is LEAVING. Please build in additional time for returning your keys, walking to the meeting spot, and loading your luggage.  

If you’re driving, being picked up, or getting off-campus in any other mode, remember: We must be off-campus by 10am, and we do not have breakfast in the Dining Hall.  

To Check Out 

Chaperones should gather all room keys (please feel free to disregard meal cards), then check out with UMD at the front desk where you checked in (Annapolis Hall or Johnson Whittle lobby), and then check out your delegation with an EYE team member. 

Trash in individual rooms can be consolidated into one suite or hallway trash. Linens can be left in the room.